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Century of Conflict

Brian McCall's History course


Century of Conflict Paper #2: The Great War on Film

Purpose: This paper is designed to let you research and write about a film that is closely related to World War I, either in setting or theme. You will have several options to help you meet this goal.
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
We will watch this Oscar winning film as a class during tutorials and it is REQUIRED! But, you don’t have to write your paper based on it. Instead, use it to compare with the other films, meaning you MUST see this film before you watch and review another movie on this list. 
- Provide a quick summary (one to two paragraphs). Explain the basics of the film’s characters, plot and setting. Be     brief, but clear.
- How is the Great War portrayed in the film? As a tragedy? As a just war? As great adventure? As a crime? REMEMBER TO REFERENCE All Quiet on the Western Front. 
- How do the characters see themselves? As victims or as humans of free will?
- How is the technology of the Great War shown? 
- Why did you decide to select this film? What did you expect to learn from it or react to it? How did it shape your views of the Great War? 

All Quiet on the Western Front

Search Terms:

- "all quiet on the western front"
- film
- motion pictures
- Lewis Milestone 
  (use Advanced Search)
Gale will automatically provide the search term "All Quiet on the Western Front (Motion picture)"
ebrary has several texts that can be found using the above search terms. Here are some examples: 
- Eberwein, Robert. New Approaches to Film Genre : Hollywood War Film. Chichester, GB: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 13 April 2016.
- Roberts, Jerry. Complete History of American Film Criticism. Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Press, 2010. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 13 April 2016.
- Urwand, Ben. Collaboration. Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press, 2014. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 13 April 2016.
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