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Republic on Trial


Topics: For your second paper in this course, you will select from a range of topics within the scope of chapters 11-17 of America, or just to the end of the Civil War. These include the following choices:

- Native America: What was life like in North America for Native Americans up to the end of the Civil War?
- Lincoln and History: How has his story changed over the years and how is he viewed today?
- The Civil War Today: How relevant and central is the Civil War today, 150 plus years since Appomattox?
- The Cities: How did urban life change in America’s cities up to 1865?
- The Railroads: What was the impact of the railroads on American life after the first train chugged down the track in 1830?
- Free America: How did the anti-slavery movement change as the Civil War came closer in the 1850’s?
- Western America: Where and how did the settlers move to the West in the years before the Civil War?
- The South: How and why did the South see itself as becoming a new American nation instead of remaining in the Union?
- American Women: How and why did some women begin to see themselves more as citizens and less as housewives and mothers
- Your Choice: We have covered a lot of topics in a short course. Which one that is NOT above has struck you as worthy of further study?

Sources: This paper will require at least ten (10) separate sources, using Academic Library databases and resources, including the following:

- One book of recent (last 30 years) scholarship on the topic
- One primary source document
- One academic journal source
- American history websites
- Magazine and newspaper-based websites

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