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Selected websites for topics

Fake News

Librarians and information advocates all over the country are curating links for their patrons to inform their reading habits. From Never Ending Search by Joyce Valenza, she has compiled Truth, truthiness, triangulation: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world. 

Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication and media at Merrimack College in North Andover, Mass., has produced  False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources. She also has included a lengthy list of tagged opensource websites.

Vanessa Otero, a patent lawyer, has compiled the above infographic on News Quality Sources and provides her reasoning and methodology behind the chart.

See also AllSides Bias Ratings that provide readers a sense of the political leanings of a source.

Many more links on Fake News, Propaganda, Fact Checking, Media Literacy can be found at the #LibrariesResist Resource List.

Alternative, web-native approaches to news literacy can be found in this open-source book Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers.

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