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Founding of America

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Founding of America: Paper 2

Topics: For your second PROJECT in this course, you can select from a range of topics within the scope of chapters 5-8 of America, or just after the ratification of the Constitution. See below for link to Assignment 2 for suggested topics.

It needs to be within the timeframe of 1765-1800 and connected to American history is SOME way—An ideal way to do this is compare and contrast—but the American side of the story must be AT LEAST HALF of the content. Any acceptable  historical subject can work—religion, family history, food, drink, music, art, literature, architecture, work, war, dance, economics, politics, drama, newspapers, transportation—it's up to you.

Suggested searching and links

There are several ways to search:

  • Try both tabs from the library catalog:

Quick Search for a big picture search using many of the databases.

Or for a more specific search from our print books, use ICACAT.

  •  The specific databases listed on the side toolbar will also provide many helpful resources.

  • Ebrary will also provide some specific results.

Example EBRARY Search Terms:

"american revolution" TEXT AND KEY FIELDS
"Revolution, 1775-1783" SUBJECT

“united states constitution” TEXT AND KEY FIELDS
"Constitutional History" SUBJECT

“native american“ TEXT AND KEY FIELDS
“american revolution“ TEXT AND KEY FIELDS

Selected print books

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