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ACE: Academic Center for Enrichment

This guide is geared to support the ACE program.

Selected Resources

General Learning and Disability Websites:


Understood: for Learning & Attention Issues 15 nonprofit organizations have joined forces to support parents whose children, ages 3-20 are struggling with learning.

ADHD and Addiction: What's the Connection?

General Early Childhood Model

Tools of the Mind

General Teenage Brain and Development

Frontline Episode: Inside the Teenage Brain

General Neuroscience resources from the Society of Neuroscience

Executive Functioning Websites:

Teacher Targeted/Lesson Plans

Website by teachers with full Executive Functioning high school curriculum (a series of 30 minute workshops)

EF 2 the Rescue Focused for elementary, possibly middle school students. Also included is a list of terrific resources.

Student Targeted Resources

General Resources

Smart but Scattered Kids: Resources from the Drs. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare based on their 30 years of clinical experience. Videos, Print articles, Audio

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION 101: Prepared by The National Center for Learning Disabilities. A great foundation for teachers.

Teaching about the Brain:

Teacher Targeted Resources

Neuroplasticity: Learning Physically Changes the Brain

How to teach students about the brain by Judy Willis

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