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Parties & Elections


PURPOSE: This paper is designed to let you see how the materials covered in our text are being realized and debated in public life. It will also allow you to learn how to research topics and find relevant sources for research papers.

To complete this assignment, you must find FOUR full-length feature articles (500-1000 words) from newspapers, magazines, news websites or
news journals which deal with each of the following FOUR subjects, for a total of 16 articles, 4 for each of the following topics:
    •    Constitutional Philosophy.
    •    The U.S. Constitution as modeled or rejected by other nations.
    •    American Civil Rights in theory and practice.
    •    Federalism and American Government.
After finding four different articles on each topic, we will meet in tutorial and select one article for each topic, for a total of four articles. You will then write a detailed summary of each article that demonstrates your comprehension and understanding of how these subjects are both important to American society and related to the materials studied in class.

See attached assignment.


  • When using Gale databases sign into Google drive.
  • Use bound phrases, e.g., "limited government"

  • Filter your search from Content Type by News
  • Use other filters as necessary, document type, section, sort by.
  • Look for articles that are 500-1000 words


  • You can save your highlights  in the article
  • Use Download to save to Google drive.

  • Citation Tools will provide MLA citation

  • Do not use the URL from your search, instead use the URL from Bookmark