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Motion Picture Arts

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You can find three types of audiovisual recordings in the library:

- DVDs (academic library)
  The DVD collection is located next to the academic library copy machine. A librarian will assist you when you're ready to check out.

- Streaming databases (online catalog)
  For online listening, select the Sound & Video tab and enter keywords in the search box.

Books about motion picture arts can be found in the academic library. Look in the Dewey Decimal call number range of 790-791.53. 
For example, the book—

Astaire: a Biography, written by Tim Satchell, has the call number:


which means

791.4/   <-- Motion pictures, radio, television

092   <-- A biography

A852S   <-- About Fred Astaire (A852), by Satchell (S)

Books on stagecraft and scenery can be found in the theater section: Drama/Stagecraft

If you know the general subject you're interested in, follow the guides on the ends of the shelves to navigate the numbering system. If you know the specific title but not the call number, search ICACAT. If you need help at any time, don't hesitate to ask or email‚Äč

Screenplays can be found outside rooms 113-114.  Their call numbers start with 791.437, and they are organized by title.

Explore wikipedia for key words and insights
Begin with quick search from the library page 
Filter by location. If there is a print book it will indicate call number.
This is good for keyword search of full-text ebooks
Browse indexes of some film history books (REF/791.43)


Eadweard Muybridge 
Thomas Edison ( to narrow may want to add film to your search)
WKL Dickson—best to use "William Kennedy Laurie Dickson"
Max & Emil Skladanowksy
Louis & Auguste Lumiere
George Melies
Pathe Brothers
RW Paul
Birt Acres
The Latham Family/Latham Loop (Otway, Gray, Woodville)
Thomas Armat
Herman Casler/American Mutoscope Company 
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