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How do I...

Renew Items

You may renew an item unless it is on hold for someone else.

Pay fines

Overdue fines

You may pay library fines in cash. Outstanding fines are billed to student accounts following each semester.


Lost items

Items more than 3 weeks overdue are considered lost.
For each lost item, you will be billed replacement cost plus a processing fee (academic library $5 / music library $25).

If you return a lost item within the academic year or camp session, you will be refunded replacement and processing fees.
Refunds will not be processed for items returned after the academic year or camp session.

Ensemble participants (band / orchestra / choir / jazz / percussion) are expected to return ensemble parts after each concert.
Parts not returned are considered lost. You will be billed $5 per part plus a $15 processing fee.