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Music Theory: Books in the Academic Library

Music Theory Books in the Academic Library

Books on Music Theory and related subjects – such as analysis, form, composers, and composition – are cataloged through the Library of Congress system. These call number ranges will contain most of the books on these topics.

  • ML195 – 197             Music history and criticism (by time period).
  • ML410                       Books on single composers.
  • MT5.5 – 7                  Music theory.
  • MT40 – 57                 Composition. Elements, and techniques of music.
  • MT90 – 146               Analysis and appreciation of musical works.
  • MT155                       Music theory for children.


Our academic library contains a wide variety of music theory literature, well beyond the books linked in this guide. If you are looking to explore, you may want to begin by searching the subject terms below. Click Here for an example of this.





The list below is just a sampling of what our academic library has to offer! The academic library collection contains dozens of books on a broad variety of music theory topics, such as Schenkerian analysis, tonal harmony, post-tonal music, form, and more.

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