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Digital Exhibits

The Red Wheelbarrow

The Red Wheelbarrow, founded in 1975, is Interlochen’s completely student-run publication featuring poetry, short stories and art. Issues are published at the beginning and end of each semester in order to allow as many Creative Writing students as possible to gain experience in editing and assembling the magazine. Unlike the Review, submissions are only open to current Interlochen Arts Academy students. Since The Red Wheelbarrow is published four times a year, issues are shorter than The Interlochen Review, but the work is just as powerful. And because students have a direct hand in the production of each issue, they can be sure their voices are reflected authentically.

Interlochen also works to make sure that The Red Wheelbarrow isn’t dismissed as just another small high school publication. The unveiling of each new issue is accompanied by a publicized reading in the Writing House. Authors reading their work are expected to dress professionally, refreshments are provided, and rehearsals are held beforehand to prepare. Additionally, many readings are accompanied by live performances of student musicians, emphasizing Interlochen’s commitment to cross-disciplinary artistic expressions.

Students not only boost their portfolios by publishing their own work, but they are able to list positions like “Magazine Editor” on their résumés. This experience may help them secure jobs or internships before graduating, giving them entrance to a professional world that might otherwise consider them “too young” to participate. For many students, The Red Wheelbarrow is their first publication, and its professional regard reinforces their status as artists on par with those printed in trade magazines and journals. 

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