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Digital Exhibits

A bit of whimsy from the Photo-Archives

“Evelyn found it especially challenging to collect the scores for The Flying Dutchman.”

"While Mr. Seville brushes up on his Rossini with Madelyn, Winifred considers putting a bow in her hair."

"Gerald began line rehearsal for his new opera, confident of eclipsing Wagner with his daring Wring Cycle."

"They were a bit more laid-back about collecting scores in 1947..."

"Sylvia charmed with a lively gavotte while Miriam amused herself with a deadly garrote."

"Three cheers for the Interlochen Library team, whose members bend over backwards to serve our community!"

"Edward fervently hoped that Gladys would remain unaware of Daphne's efforts to come between them."

"Melba feigned enthusiasm for Oswald's Strawdivarius."

"Mr. Armitage basked in the certainty that his 'Army of Charm' would prevail of its own accord."

“Louis was struck by the sheer poetry of absconding to the Melody Freeze during Richard’s Neapolitan song.”

“Norman’s early attempts to incorporate a walking bass line into classical repertoire met with some resistance.”

“Archibald was abashed to have solicited wagers when he discerned that Elizabeth and Victoria were merely rehearsing a scene.”

“Alexandra was overjoyed to see French fries yet again on the menu.”

“James had warned Gwendoline to refrain from embouchure  exercises until his mother had gotten to know her better.”

“At the family estate, Benjamin was the hare apparent until Grandfather’s will was found.”

“Dusty and his gang achieved brief notoriety for pedal rustling, then headed west, lured by tales of long horns for the taking.”

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